We need your help! Mental health challenges around the world are on the rise due to the global pandemic. One group greatly affected are the people working in the entertainment business, art and culture. Silence The Shame movement from Atlanta USA works for all people for better mental health. The founder of the movement Shanti Das has worked in music and entertainment business for a long time. Now she is creating a network of mental health trainers to teach mental health skills for thousands of people all around the world. There needs to be joint action to create wellbeing for all, so join our campaign to support Silence the Shame together with CNF.

CNF Community Neglects the Facts is the oldest performing hip hop group in Finland. It was founded in 1990 and has produced and published over 12 albums and 100 songs. We the members of the band want to support Silence the Shame by creating a grassroots campaign where people can join in making your creative action like a song, poem, photo, movie, video, graphic art and linking the donation link:

We will launch the CNF grassroots campaign with our song and a video on May 5th which is the national Silence the Shame day and ask you to participate.


Maniac James

Mental health is something that you don’t really think about, until you have problems with it. The world is a very hectic place and it is also built for the strong minded. Thats why there can be al lot of shame to admit that you can suffer depression and other illnesses of the mind, because you are immediately labeled as a "weak person". Social media can also increase depression because it is representing only the surface of peoples emotions, that mostly are only the good things they are experiencing. Thats why it is important to speak out and show that everybody can have difficult times and there are no shame in that. It can really help if you know that you are not alone with your problems and you can openly talk about it. Silence the Shame is one positive step in this matter and when we get more people involved to this project all around the world, it will help and give more tools to improve the global wellbeing. 


Mental health is really important, especially now in these pandemic times. Just the pressures of daily living might cause anxiety and some people need help to cope with the hard times. The youth is affected greatly with the troubled way the world keeps turning. In Finland, you can really see, that the mental health needs to be addressed and nurtured, so that the people can have the future they deserve and not the one they are doomed with. I hope that our small actions regarding the Silence the Shame - movement can help others to see, that we are in this together for a better tomorrow. 

MC Reel

Shanti Das and the whole Silence the Shame movement are essential to create hope for everyone everywhere. We need each other, from day to day. We need skills in maintaining the mental stamina and we need Art and Culture to feed our Soul. It is time for the grassroots level people with creative minds and talent to bring our force to the Silence the Shame movement. People from far away can stand in solidarity during and after the global pandemic. We need to join hand in hand and support each other. Life happens now and we need solutions now. Educating people in mental health skills helps immediately and creates resilience for the days ahead. Create Music, Art, Culture and support Silence the Shame by donating. Let’s make this happen! Together!

CNF - Community Neglects the Facts


Community Neglects the Facts

MC Reel, Krd da Levitator and Maniac James

Silence The Shame

Be true to yourself and you’re a perfection

let the negativity be just a reflection

of the shield of positive feelings

uplift your spirit high, straight through the ceiling

cos sky is the limit in what you can achieve

what is given, ten fold it will be received 

believe and be the best version of thy self

first lesson here today is, i love myself


Evaluate, appreciate, attend

restate, advocate, ascend

kings and queens..we all blend

all equal, until we all transcend

shine the light to the shadows, show the way

help each other, steer them right if some stray

never buckle in front of some dismay

strength, courage, resolute on display

Silence can be loud and loud can be silenced
Physical pain plus the mental violence
Reality to friction, without any restrictions
It’s the digital addiction
We all live in the world of fiction
Hard to grasp, harder to see
Faceless emotions and Fake ID’s
..Impossible to read, guaranteed to cause nosebleed

From the negative to the positive Don’t
Worry my man see the way from the opposite 
Angle and don’t tangle, no scandal
Spider webs of your mind can be handled
Against the darkness is the light,
Inside of the dark shadows can be bright
Only what matters is the color of sight
Appetite for movement and will to fight 

the time is now from this moment to infinity,

these words are me in the rhythm free

of neglect, the fear of vanishing, 

anguish is over, growing strong and managing, 

taking baby steps going second to second,

choosing new ways wrecking the weapons checking myself
in the spirit of finding it, like 

styles in the systems we keep fighting with,
left behind in our lives, sharing the nights, 

bearing the fights, airing the lights 

connected from roots to roots, it’s 

good to be true, better let Love rule, 

deep understanding, hand in hand in 

sharing the struggle and the power, demanding

a life worth fighting for, finding the dialogue,

silence the shame where can we get the fire from?